The Names Behind the Faces

Dad's photo album from his Army years.

Dad’s photo album from his Army years.

The pictures posted here and some of the ones used in my book come from my Dad’s photo album of his Army experience.  Here’s a shot of the album to give some idea of what I’m working with for this project. The scans I’ve used were done some years ago, and at that point I did not document the text written on the prints. Just this week I’ve started that process-reading what is on the pictures. It gives names to the faces and a window into my Dad’s time and who he knew and where he was. There are two sets of writing on most prints; printed names, dates and locations on the front borders and neat script on the back in my Dad’s hand. It appears that the front markings may have been added later but the script is in the first person and seems timed with the images. I believe Dad was getting his film processed on or near his station and then sending the prints home.

In the next post I will have more to share-the details as told by my Dad Pete about his buddies in the outfit. STAY TUNED!!!

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