Back with More Names for the Faces

"Three bosom buddies..."

“Three bosom buddies…”

I’ve been AWOL for almost a month…my apologies! September was very busy, but I’m back and ready to fill in some blanks for the pictures I’ve started posting from my Dad’s WWII photo album. Here’s a picture from the 224th while they were training in Florida during the summer and fall of 1943.

A note on the front of this shot said “Koski-Dement-Goodman” “Clermont Fla, Oct. 1943”. Dad’s words on the back tell a much richer story; “Three bosom buddies left to right: S/Sgt George Koski, used to be T/4 Dement & T/4 Goodman. They’re swell guys. Koski is a high speed operator & he really can send it. Taken in Orlando”.  The unit roster list Dement, A.B.(IO), initials only, and Goodman, Ulys D. George Koski does not appear in the December 1943 rosters.  Also notice Koski is referred to as an “high speed operator”; these are communications teams, they used field phones, two-way radios and a telegraph key. So my Dad is talking about Koski’s ability to send Morse code on a key; not easily done by most people.

Looking closely at the background and surroundings we can see a tarpaper-covered building that may be the battery building or a barracks. Other shots from this area show pyramidal tents on frames commonly used to billet troops. In the foreground above the buddies heads you can see a bit of Spanish moss hanging from the tree to give that “bayou” feel!!!

Note: this image was taken 70 years ago this month.

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