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Pete's team putting up wire for the battery telco system

Pete’s team putting up wire for the battery telco system

This picture continues to be one of my favorites! It gives a look at many aspects of Army life during the War. Note each soldier’s own take on fatigue dress; some with no shirts, others with long sleeves and even a white tee shirt(developed for the US military, I think). There are two styles of hats; the “Daisy Mae” with the circular brim worn by several men, and my Dad in the 1943 HBT Fatigue cap. Interestingly the guys in the DM have found three ways to wear the hat!!!

What’s really important here is that we see; the crew in the field with their equipment doing their jobs. You see special tools on belts and in hands, a reel of the phone line they are stringing and the WC53 “5×5” truck that hauls them and the gear.

Continuing my current theme, here’s the notes from the snapshot. Written on the front is “Clermont,Fla, Oct. 1943”. On the back Dad  has noted ““Laying wire close to Clermont, Fla left to right: Pfc. Krause,Pfc. Jack Sorg,Pfc. Whitley, Pfc. Logan, S/Sgt. Terranova, yours truly, Cpl. Henry Thom”.  These guys will appear again in more images.

Stay tuned for more  pics and notes soon!

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