Arrival at New Guinea

On 29 January, 1944 the battalion pulled into Milne Bay, Papua, New Guinea in the Southwest Pacific after 16 days at sea. The unit went ashore on 30 January, 70 years ago today. Using both the unit’s own historical records and the newsletter here’s more details on these important days in the men’s lives.

“Advance parties left the boat to effect reconnaissance of the situation, but debarkation of the bulk of the troops was postponed until the following afternoon. At this time, barges carried the men 10 miles up the bay In search of the area assigned to this organization.” AR

Clearing the Jungle

Clearing the Jungle

“Our transport arrived at Milne Bay, New Guinea, on 29 January 1944. It was where the Japanese Imperial Forces had been defeated in the now famous Battle of Milne Bay, which many claim, marked the turning point from our defensive tactics to a roaring offensive war. Debarkation was completed the following afternoon and we traveled 10 miles in landing barges, going ashore in the vicinity of our camp area. Few will forget the hike in the boiling tropical sun with full field pack to our assigned area.The work of clearing the jungle commenced immediately in the usual sweltering equatorial weather.” NL

Next time; The camp is built and the men take on their new duties.

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